Chinese Cupping

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Chinese cupping is an ancient therapy in which a cup is attached to the skin to help the natural flow of blood and lymph. It has been utilised for many thousands of years to help prevent illness and to detox organs.

Who can get Chinese cupping?

Many people can benefit from this treatment. Cupping has many benefits such as:

• Helping to release deep tissue without discomfort.
• Relieving inflammation.
• Helping to balance organs.
• Stretching muscle and connective tissue.

How long does it take:

The process in the salon is 30 minutes, however it can take longer if a massage is incorporated with the treatment.

On our Chinese cupping course you will learn:

• Health and Safety
• Relevant anatomy and physiology
• Products and equipment required
• Consultation procedures
• Contraindications to treatment
• How to combine your Chinese cupping with other treatments
• Aftercare

In Class Accredited Training
Duration: One day
Cost: £270 with full cupping kit (including fire suction and plastic cups)

Patch Testing: not required

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